Advantages for our clients

Today driving a car is not a luxury, but a necessity

This is why most of us have to use fuel stations weekly, maybe even daily. But there hardly exists a person who likes this bothersome task.

Advantages of QuickUp

Our goal is to make refueling your car an easy and even pleasant task.

Easy budgeting

Control easily your entire vehicle fleet and check fuel loading daily.


See the current wholesale price of fuel every day.


Rely on quality fuel from top contractors and refineries.

Expense control

Easily define your budget – no unwanted promotions or marketing ploys.


Use your favorite payment method – debit, credit card or cash.

At QuickUp you will find:

  • Low prices every day. Since overhead costs are lower in self-service gas stations, we can afford to offer one of the lowest prices on the market.
  • Guaranteed top quality. We only work with the top refineries and contractors.
  • Transparency. We strive to be completely open with our clients. This is why everyday we publish not only our selling prices for all stations, but also our buying prices.
  • Just what you need. We have eliminated all unnecessary things which waste your time and offer only high quality A95H gasoline and diesel.
  • Refuel quickly – without waiting in line or being slowed by employees.
  • Freely define your own spending. We have eliminated from our business all unnecessary products, services and marketing; we offer just what you need, at a great price.
  • Manage your entire vehicle fleet and your company’s fuel expense with our special corporate program.
  • Pay conveniently : using your preferred method: credit or debit card, corporate QuickUp card or cash. We are currently developing a payment via mobile phone.