Conveniently refuel your car at a bargain with quality fuel.

Quick up is the first self-service gas station chain in Bulgaria.

How does QuickUp work?

Stop your vehicle close to an unoccupied pump.
Go to the payment terminal and follow the instructions.
After you complete the payment, fuel your car.
Take your receipt, invoice and change.
You are not sure what to do? Call our client assistance number.

Why Quick Up?

Competitive prices

Our fuels have the lowest prices in Bulgaria.

High quality

We offer only high-quality gasoline A95H and Diesel.

No waiting

– Fuel your car quickly and conveniently.

Easy budgeting

Control easily your entire vehicle fleet and check fuel loading daily.


See the current wholesale price of fuel every day.


Rely on quality fuel from top contractors and refineries.

Expense control

Easily define your budget – no unwanted promotions or marketing ploys.


Use your favorite payment method – debit, credit card or cash.

About Us

The fuel market in Bulgaria is highly competitive – Luckoil, OMV, Petrol, Shell, Rompetrol and Cruise are just the most famous fuel station chains. Despite this, most people feel that the industry is controlled by a cartel. Most Bulgarians have a negative attitude toward the sector and are convinced that trading with fuels is an unworthy occupation.

We – the people behind QuickUp – stand proudly before our clients and aim to prove that high quality fuel can be bought at a reasonable price.

We have nothing to hide from our clients. This is why we opt for radical transparency – from explaining how fuel prices are set to revealing our buying price.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have expertise in all processes of this business. We are well acquainted with the problems and elements which can bring negative emotions the clients. QuickUp Self-service Stations are our attempt at transforming the irritating chore of fueling your car into an easy and even pleasant task.

History of self-service fuel stations


  • Frank Ulrich opens the first self-service fuel station in Los Angeles.
  • 22 years later self-service fueling points take 16% of the fuel market share in the USA.
  • In only 13 years, this grows to 72%.
  • The market share is already 80%.
  • Over 90% of the entire fuel market in the USA is taken by self-service stations.


  • Has always been more social.
  • Europe has over 50 autonomous states, which is a challenge for obtaining reliable statistical data.
  • Data from separate countries suggests that the self-service market share in Europe is over 40% of all fuel sales.
  • In the heavy haul transportation sector, where price is of the utmost importance, self-service accounts for over 70% of fuel sales.
  • Almost all western European countries develop the self-service fuel sector. This type of business is becoming gradually more popular than standard fuel stations.